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Important Announcement about “ 5 Ways Split - Long Distance...”

Somebody contacted and informed us that Höstkänslor’s work “Wishper” in this split was excerpted from one of German instrumental post-rock band “Daturah” works named “9”. And notably, “Wishper” is simply intercepted from “9”’s audio frequency, not a cover of “9”. After serious verifying, we found the matter he infomed was 100% true.

More than this “Wishper” thing, Höstkänslor also cribbed famous post-rock band RQTN’s work and incorporated it in their first album “Fear Reality”.

I am deeply regretful and very angry about all these stupid wrongdoings Höstkänslor did. More than disrespect to their own, what Höstkänslor did was also a trample to other 4 bands which put their effort into this split. It was a hurt to the fans who bought this split, and also a hurt to Pest Productions’ good reputation! We will kick Höstkänslor out of our cooperative band lineupimmediately, and tell all the other labels not to do any cooperating with them.

On behalf of Pest Productions, I apologize to all the fans of Daturah and all people who bought this split.

Last, with great regret, the selling of split “Long Distance…” is henceforth stopped for good and we will destroy all the remaining copies.

BTW: Another post-rock project "We Steal Sunshine" of Höstkänslor menber's also use Russia post-rock band Mooncake's word as their own opus. In WSS's myspace page, they say they sign with China post-rock lable WEARY BIRD RECORDS. But in fact, WBR has nothing to do with WSS!!


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Since today, we will be closed for 1 and a half month, during this period, we will accept orders, but the items will be sent after 5th, Sep.

New Releases OUT NOW!

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Zuriaake(Chn)/Yn Gizarm(Chn) - 悲賦之秋/司命樓蘭

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Nagzul(Chn) - Summon the Spirits

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Tomb(Chn) - Wiches Sabbath


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Our online store started working last week, apart from release from PEST and MIDNIGHT REC, we have more than 1000 Black metal/Dark music items coming on the website soon. our store will keep the low price and very low postage!

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5 Ways Split - Long Distance...

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Midwinter(CN) - Enthrone in blizzard [Reissue]

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Shroud of Distress(DE) - Be Happy

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Vergissmeinnicht(CN) - My Own Strange Songs

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Heartless(DE) - Anaesthetization
[First 50 buyers get a Logo patch for free!]


New Releases

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Oskoreien, a one-man project which made an outstanding performance in collection album Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer now comes back with its first full-length album. It is an elegant naturalism Black Metal record which mixes a great deal of folk elements with beautiful clear back vocals. For fans of Wolves in the Throne Room!


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New Series

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Mañjusaka is the new series under Pest Productions focused on releasing Depressive/Progressive Rock/Metal in the vein of Opeth, Katatonia, Porcupine Tree, Anathema etc.

New Signings

Cold Wind
A new project led by Black Hate's soul B.G. New Wave of Depressive Black Metal!

Even Less
A new act of youngblood's from Yunnan,China. Beautiful Depressive rock for fans of later Anathema, "Damnation"-era Opeth, Katatonia, Porcupine Tree etc.

Shroud of Distress
New force of Depressive Black Metal from German. Their first album will come out next year,released by Pest.And moreover,the first EP of their's will published by Korean label Solidute and Despair Music.

A brilliant Depressive Black Metal / Shoegaze one man project from Beijing,China. The first EP is now recording! Member from Dopamine(r.i.p)!


New Released Out Now!

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New Released Out Now!

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New Released Out Now!

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New Released Pre-order!

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Bauda(Chi) - ...Oniirica

The debut full-length album from the Chilean Avantgarde Folkish Black Metal act BAUDA. The acoustic passages interlaced with the enchanting sound walls come with fairly exquisite and warm emotions of melancholy painted with wafting and ethereal atmosphere, reflecting the dreamlike inner light to the nines. Highest recommendation!


New Released in August!

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Hinsidig(Nor/Ger) - Bak og Forbi...

The new act of depressive Black Metal hails from Norway/Germany, whose members come from Nyktalgia, Sterbend, Total Hate and Armageddon. Hinsidig mixes the North folk elements along with a great deal of clear back vocals based on the lines of primitive Black Metal, sounding like Ulver from their early era. The inspirational instrumental arrangement and melancholic melody can also be easily related to Nyktalgia and Wolves In The Throne Room. Highly recommended!!!

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Elhaz (Fra) - Goetic Experience (by Elhaz)

The French Esoteric Dark Metal act ELHAZ now returns in two years of silence after the highly-praised debut album "Malemort" in 2006. The brand new album "Goetic Experience" comes with blackened and inclement atmosphere as it is supposed to be. 70 minutes of the true mysterious dark rituals in the eternal chaos!

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Chaotic Aeon(Chn) - Chaotic Aeon

The debut EP from the most excellent old-school Dark Death Metal horde in the Chinese scene. 6 darkened hymns of death with ultimate cruelty and darkness. Greatly influenced by legends like Slayer, Morbid Angel and Incantation. The decree of the God of Chaos now spreading all over this mental fucking world!

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V/A - The World comes to an end in the end of a journey

This album will definitely be released in Sep,due to some reason of one band in ex-plan,the album was kept delaying.Now,this band will be out off from the roster,this is a pity,but at the same time,I'm glad to say that there will be an other great musician join our VA,it's Ethereal Beauty from US,he will contribute 2 relaxing songs to VA!



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V/A - The World comes to an end in the end of a journey

Leave this bleak city full of solitude, And start our lonely grey journey, Shall we see more hope in the end of the sky far away? Gathering 6 Black Metal / Shoegaze / New Wave bands hailing from 5 different regions, namely:Onryō(UK) / Dernier Martyr(RUS) / Soliness(GER) / Heretoir(GER) / Shyy(BRA) / Dopamine(CHN)

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Heretoir(Ger) - .Existenz.

5 Solitude Songs from Black Metal / Shoegaze Project "Heretoir", nostalgia, melancholy and a glimmer of hope... You will really be empathized! for all fans of Amesoeurs and Lantlôs!! Highly recommended!!!

FUTURE(in 2009)

Sinisterite(Horna/Shatraug’s New Project) - TBA
Heretoir(Ger) - Heretoir
Elhaz(Fra) - Goetic Experience (by Elhaz)
Chaotic Aeon(Chn) - TBA
Skeletal Augury(Chn) - Victory of the holocaust
In The Abyss(Chn) - The Frosty Heart in Snowstorm
Dopamine(Chn) - Dying away in the deep fall
Secretly In Pain(Can) - Secretly In Pain
Dernier Martyr(Rus) - TBA
Transylvania(Can) - TBA(Demo)

OUT NOW!! 11/08/2008

AnhedoniA - Der Schrei Der Natur

Dysthymia - The Shivering Opus
Vergissmeinnicht - Whispering Solitude


AnhedoniA's cover
Dysthymia's cover
Vergissmeinnicht's cover

AnhedoniA - Der Schrei Der Natur

Dysthymia - The Shivering Opus
Vergissmeinnicht - Whispering Solitude
will be released in 25th,Oct



The Debut full-length album of Sweden depressive black metal band AnhedoniA,,will be released under Pest Prod in October.

Jewel cased,limited to 666 copies

AnhedoniA Myspace:

Out Now!

  • 【PEST 014】Transylvania - Ravage total View Details
  • 【PEST 013】The Illusion Of Dawn - Recall The Nightmare View Details
  • 【PEST 010】Heartless - Suicidal Engagement View Details
  • 【PEST 006】LíAM - Journey...Two years and a fragment View Details

    • Plans to change

      【PEST 007】In the abyss - The Frosty Heart in Snowstorm Details
      the planning Pro-Cdr Demo changes into a debut CD album limited to 1000 copies. In November.



      Atmospheric depressive black metal band Dysthymia from Iceland will release their first full-length album under Pest Productions in this November.It will be limited to 1000 copies,with first 300 copies in digipak.Dysthymia's works are filled with strong darkness and depressive mood,and also plenty of extraordinary black metal playing techics with a lot of neo-classical sessions.Those elements deicided Dysthymia's experiment and progressiveness


      Progressive depressive black metal band Transylvania from Canada will release their first demo called <Ravage Total> under Pest Production and black metal label & distro Under the Dark Soil from U.K.,Under the Dark Soil will release Tape version,Pest Production will release CDr version,limited to 200 copies.


      PEST Prouctions samples now on Myspace!

      :Self-Destruction Series:

      PEST PRODUCTIONS will launch a sub-division "SELF-DESTRUCTION" series. All the misanthropic, Suicidal and Depressive Black Metal (or other music genres) will be unleashed under the new banner.


      The one-man Misanthropic Black Metal band "HEARTLESS" from Shandong, China has now been a malefic under the curse of Pest Production. The first pestiferous assault "Suicidal Engagement" shall be unleashed between June-July.

      :Secretly In Pain:

      Misanthropic Black Metal band SECRETLY IN PAIN (side project of Marthym & Morbid / Happy Days) has now joined in PEST PRODUCTIONS. Their debut EP shall be released on CD by PEST PRODUCTIONS in the near future.Utterly desperate music and scream, will crush your hearts down....Please Kill Me....


      Doom / Post Rock band from Germany(just at the moment because they never bind themselves down with one fixed style) has joined Pest Productions.Their songs are milted with some depressive and lonely emotions, and also their attitude towards the modern society.Their first full length album will be released in June, including all the songs from the two EPs "My journey to the sky"&"Two years and a fragment"


      The British one man Shoegaze / Romantic Black Metal band Morose has joined Pest Productions.Morose was known by all the blackmetal fans with the demo "Opaque" last year, and his new works were expected.His songs are depressive and melodic, your hearts will be touched when you are listening to them.The first album of Morose "Autumn Poetry" will be released this September.


      There's an joint issue between Pest Productions and Midnight Productions, that is the debut album:"Whispering Solitude"of "Vergissmeinnicht"(folk band from Tai'an China). It will be a dark/depressive folk album of depression and loneliness.Vergissmeinnicht is a side project of Lu, the only member of the depressive blackmetal band "Heartless".


      Pest & Midnight Productions Promo 2007/2008 Download

      Pest & Midnight Productions Promo cover


      Zuriaake - Afterimage of Autumn MusicVideo Download


      [PEST004] Zuriaake - Afterimage of Autumn
      [PEST005] Dark Fount - A sapless leave
      withering in the night fog
      Will Out on 12.14 !!

      Zuriaake's coverDark Fount's cover


      Website of new version update!


      Zuriaake & Dark Fount debut album released in late October! [sample]


      Midwinter "Enthrone in Blizzard" is now sold out from Pest Productions... Please contact Under the Dark Soil Distribution for reserving your copy.


      Pest Productions Promo 2006/2007 Download!

      Pest Productions Promo 2006/2007



      A demo from E.D.I.E.H is sold out now.All the interested people can still
      order it from other distros except a few that have been reserved copies.


      【PEST 002】Midwinter - Enthrone In Blizzard Out Now!
      A5 DIGIFILE + CARD / CD / Ltd 500,Strictly 200 copies
      only available in the mainland of China.   [View details]

      Midwinter's cover


      Northern hymns  of praising  storm in  the winter ,   blood in
      the war ;  worship of  the nature  and myths  of the dead ...
      Very well-composed mid-paced heathen Black Metal for any
      fans with evil blood ! Debut album "Enthrone in Blizzard"  by
      Midwinter hailing from Xi'an is nearing the church![View details]

      view details


      【PEST 003】E.D.I.E.H - Northbound Demo Out Now! [View details]

      view details


      【PEST 003】E.D.I.E.H - Northbound (demo) Out  Soon

      a one-man  Black Metal  project found by "T."  in Beijing
      glorifying the infinite nature.The debut demo is expected
      to be released around 1st of October.       [View details]


      PS:  【PEST 002】Midwinter's  debut album " Enthrone in
      Blizzard"  will be slightly  delayed to release . Hopefully it
      will  see the moonlight in October if nothing goes  wrong.


      Upload Sample:

      EDIEH:Forgotten ancient moon [Download]


      【PEST 002】Debut full-length album  "Enthrone in Blizzard"
      of Midwinter hailing from Xi'an is due by the end of August.
      Excellent heathen Black Metal as it was meant to be!         

      Upload Sample:

      Endless winter realm [Download]

      Enthrone in blizzard  [Download]


      "Be Persecuted" demo is sold out now. All the interested people can still order it from other distros except a few that have been reserved copies.


      Upload Sample:

      The Illusion Of Dawn :  Fog (Live) [Download]


      【PEST 001】Be Persecuted - S/T Demo OUT NOW [View details]


      The PEST is diffusing...

      The official website of Pest Productions is now online!

      Out Soon: Be Persecuted - S/T Demo (Suicidal Black Metal)


      view details